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Polish 2015 showcalendar

See the show results of Janów bred Arabians (since 1966).

Polish National Arabian Horse Show

Beginning in 1979, Janów Podlaski has been the host of the most important event for Polish Arabians - the Polish National Arabian Horse Show. The chief organizers of this event are the State Studs and, now for several years, the Polish Association of Arabian Horse Breeders. The show is a feature event at the Polish Summer Festival of the Arabian Horse, held annually in mid-August. This festival encompasses several days of activities, and is centered around the National Show and the annual Janów Sale, considered the world's premier Arabian horse auction, which is widely attended by Arabian horse breeders and enthusiasts from around the world. The schedule for the festival is as follows:

By hosting the National Championship Show in conjunction with the annual auction, global Arabian horse enthusiasts are afforded the opportunity to see Poland's most important events back-to-back, and to see the best produce of Polish Arabian horse breeding. The National Show also serves as excellent promotion for the Auction, as competitors within the show are comprised of parents, offspring and close relatives of the horses offered for sale.

Polish Arabian Junior Spring Show

Yet another event, very significant for all Polish Arabian breeders and enthusiasts, is held annually in the spring at Białka Stud. The Polish Arabian Junior Spring Show regularly gothers over one hundred Arabian fillies and colts under two years of age. It is the largest show of this kind in the world.

The first Junior Championship Show was held in 1983 in Łąck; the second followed in 1988 at Białka. Following another five year break, the Junior Championship Show became an annual event, beginning in 1993 at Michałów. Michałów continued to host the event through 1996, when it was decided to move the show to its present location, Białka State Stud and Stallion Depot.

Show Coverage and Results

Each year, the National Shows showcase over 100 of the most beautiful and most valuable Arabian horses bred in Poland (and registered in the PASB). These shows are an excellent venue for spectators to see the very best Arabian mares and stallions in Poland, and for the breeders to evaluate the success of the breeding program. Along with mandatory testing at the race track, the championship shows are the most important element in the breeding selection process, as they allow for objective, unbiased evaluation of not only type and correct conformation of each individual horse, but also of the all-important, enigmatic qualities such as beauty and presence. The opinion of the international judging community plays the greatest role in determining the "Best of the best". Winning the National Championship, especially Best in Show honors and the magnificent traveling trophy that goes with the title, is considered the greatest honor a stud can achieve.

All shows are managed under the auspices and according to the rules and regulations of the European Arabian Horse Show Commission (EAHSC).

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