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Below we present the sale list for the sale which took place on 27th of May 2000. No horses were sold at this time.

Sale list
Lotname rasasex Lotname rasasex
1Cisna oo mare 5Aspekt xo gelding
2Egisa oo mare 6Araban xo stallion
3Orchidea oo mare 7Parczew xo stallion
4Plataria xo mare 8Herold sp. stallion
Lotname rasasex Lotname rasasex

Lotname sex color foaled sire dam / by
Arabian mares
1 Cisna m. bay 1997 Ararat Circe / Alegro
2 Egisa m. grey 1997 Alegro Egipcjanka / Banat
3 Orchidea m. chest. 1980 Banat Orgia / Krezus
Anglo-Arabian mares
4Plataria xo m. bay 1998 Ordynek oo Plaga by Kwartet
Anglo-Arabian work and pleasure horses
5Aspekt xo g. bay 1994 Oregon xx Astma xxoo/w by Magnit oo
Anglo-Arabian colts
6Araban xo s. bay 1998 Veritas Arleta by Barak
7Parczew xo s. bay 1998 Veritas Parantela by Kardynal
8Herold sp. s. chest. 1999 Eurol oo Hancza by Oregon xx
Lotname sex color foaled sire dam / by

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