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Arabian and Anglo-Arabian sires

We offer breeding, work and pleasure horses as well as frozen semen from our Arabian breeding sires.

Sales and auctions

Each year, the amount of horses sold by the farm equals roughly the number of foals born. The most valuable Arabian mares and sires are shown in August at the Pride of Poland Auction. In turn, a selection of work and pleasure horses are shown late autumn as the Warsaw Race Track sends home the three and four year olds. Most of the half-blood Anglo-Arabians for sale is made available after the breeding monitors. Aside from horses offered for sale there is the possibility of leasing racing horses.

We have prepared a sales timetable. On our pages we publish regularly the lists of the horses for sale, terms of purchase and other details concerning the act of purchase. Last sale took place on October 25th, 2015.

Our touristic offer

We offer visitors:


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