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6.  Giralda (PL) grey mare
Breeder and owner: Michałów Stud
Date of birth: March 19th, 2001
Measurements: 150-172-18 cm
Sire line: Ilderim d.b. 1894, imp. 1900 Sławuta (PL)
Dam line: Gazella d.b. ~1840, b. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)
Eldon (PL)Penitent (PL)Partner (PL)Eleuzis (PL)
Parma (SU)
Penza (PL)Faher (PL)
Piewica (SU)
Erotyka (PL)Eufrat (PL)Elf (PL)
Estebna (PL)
Eroica (PL)Negatiw (SU)
Elegia (PL)
Girlanda (PL)Eukaliptus (PL)Bandos (PL)Negatiw (SU)
Bandola (PL)
Eunice (PL)Comet (PL)
Epigona (PL)
Giza (PL)Pepton (PL)Bandos (PL)
Pemba (PL)
Gizela (PL)Palas (SU)
Gilza (PL)
Racing record
  • 2004 3 starts: 1xI, 1xII
Show record
  • 2003 class Top Five (two years old fillies), Junior Spring Show, Białka (PL)
  • 2003 class Top Five (two years old fillies), International Arabian Horse Show, Poznań (PL)
Breeding record
  • 2011 filly GIGA (Pegasus) grey, at the stud.
Breeding status
  • In foal to ESPARTO, last date of service March 4th, 2011.
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