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Janów Podlaski Auction

Since 1970, each year in mid-August, Arabian horse breeders and enthusiasts from around the world are coming to Janów Podlaski, for what is considered the world's premier Arabian horse auction. The auction itself is a part of a larger annual event called "Arabian Horse Days", which consists of three major parts:

Arabians Horse Days 2015 - August 14th-18th.

More informations on the Pride of Poland webpage.

Throughout the years, many excellent horses from Poland have been sold in the Janów Podlaski Auction, among them such famous Janów bred horses as: Bandos, Banat, Algierczyk, Haracz, Aloes, Albaneta, Pilarka, Batyskaf, Albula, Alejka, Euza, Pamir, Pieta, Altona, Amra, Andromeda, Pinta, Preria, Pilar, Palabra, Etnologia, Belgica or Cenoza. The highest price in the history of auction was payed for Pepita in 2015. It was 1.400.000 euro!

Autumn Auction

Two months after the grand Pride of Poland gala held in August, Janów Podlaski Stud hosts the Autumn Arabian Horse Auction.

Monthly Sales

In November 1999 the APA (the Agricultural Property Agency), as the owner of the state farms, has decided that purchase of horses may only be finalised through submission of offers.

On our pages we publish the lists of horses for sale, terms of purchase and other details concerning the act of purchase.

Last sale took place on October 25th, 2015.

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